Suit Hire

The Joseph Uzumcu Suit Hire uses only high quality retail suits.

We work together with the wedding party or individual to find the right fit and style for them.

We do more than the usual suit hire alterations on the suits so you will have a perfect fit.

Our trained and experienced stylists will help guide you through the selection process. The cost of each suit includes alterations, fittings and dry cleaning on return.

Our suit hire process

Step 1: Call, email or book a hire appointment with one of our suit hire consultants.
The appointment will include a one-on-one styling and fitting experience. Please allow approximately 30 mins for each individual fittings.
Step 2: Book in your event date and secure the suits.
Step 3: Our consultants will measure the wedding party or individual for alterations.
Step 4: Each person will need a final fit. Pick up your suit the week of the event.
Step 5: Return the suit in good condition the day after your event. Dry cleaning is already included in our suit hire pricing.

Our venue, showroom and professional customer service cannot be beaten. We offer a very wide collection of suits, highly customizable to match any of your requirements.
Melena Uzumcu



  • Samuel Lennon
    Posted February 20, 2019 11:04 pm

    Hi guys, just looking for a price range of suit hires please.

    • Melena Uzumcu
      Posted February 22, 2019 7:54 pm

      Hi Samuel,
      thanks for enquiring!
      We have a range of suit hires that we do for $150 which are a poly/viscose and with this you get jacket, trouser, shirt, cufflinks and tie/bow tie
      we also do a pure wool range of hire suits (of which we have more to choose) for $250. the package is inclusive of the same as above with the suit just being different fabric.
      hope this helps. feel free to pop in to the store and have a chat to us so we can show you what’s what.

  • Gerald
    Posted May 10, 2023 3:59 pm


    Do you have a three piece available for hire with black trousers, white shirt, white jacket and bow tie

    • Melena Uzumcu
      Posted August 7, 2023 2:36 pm

      Hi Gerald,
      My apology for the late reply. We have a 3 piece suit available for hire but we don’t have white jacket. Thank you.

  • Sharon
    Posted August 20, 2023 10:26 am

    Just enquiring if you have Ivory jackets for hire or would this have to be custom made

    • Melena Uzumcu
      Posted March 1, 2024 4:33 pm

      Hi Sharon,
      Unfortunately we don’t hire ivory jackets, all though for custom made is definitely possible. Thank you.

      From Joseph Uzumcu Menswear

  • George Carey
    Posted February 8, 2024 7:02 pm

    Hello, what are your suit hire time frames, and does the length of the hire affect pricing? Thank you.

    • Melena Uzumcu
      Posted March 1, 2024 4:28 pm

      Hi Goerge,

      We would recommend at least a month before the date required, but we can always sort something out last minute without any extra charge. Thank you

      From Joseph Uzumcu Menswear.